1865: New York Blue Stockings and the New England Maroons play the first ever professional baseball game against each other. 1876: The Washington Grays and New York Darks are created, and join the Blue Stockings and Maroons to form the Original Baseball Association. 1876, midway though the season: Chicago Green Stockings are given permission to join the league. 1886: Boston Clippers enter to bring the OBA to six teams. 1888: Boston disbands. 1889: The Darks fold. 1890: An entrepreneur purchases the remnants of the New York Darks brand and renames them the New York Jacks, in honor of himself. As a result of this, the Baltimore Clippers form. 1899: The Clippers, who are bankrupt, decide to fold.

Fort Worth Flyers finished 94-68 and won their division in 2011 with Carlos Gonzalez, John Buck, and a bunch of prospects and veterans. In 2012 they went 64-98, a reversal of fortune. John Buck got designated for assignment/released after he was out at first after a hit to the center fielder. They have Anthony Rizzo, and Mark Cuban as owner. No Denver baseball team because of height of the city. Phoenix got a team in 1992, and their best record has been 79-83. The company of which the Jacks were owned by moved their HQ to Newark, so the Jacks moved there as well.

There are teams in New England, New York, New Jersey, Washington, Philadelphia, Charlotte, Atlanta, Orlando, Miami, Indianapolis, Chicago, Milwaukee, Minnesota, Kansas City, Oklahoma, Dallas, San Antonio, Houston, Phoenix, Los Angeles, San Francisco, Sacramento, Portland, and Seattle.